Typical Weekly Lunch Menu at Saveock  available for 25 per week

Every day you will have a piece of fruit and a packet of Crisps except on Tuesday when you get a piece of cake instead of crisps

Roll with chicken Tikki or Chinese spiced Chicken with mayo and lettuce

 Roll with Roast Beef and Horseradish sauce or Roast pork and Apple sauce

 Roll with Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, lemon juice and black pepper

 Roll with Ham, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo

Roll with Homous and salad

Vegetarian options

Cheddar celery and mayo

Brie and cranberry sauce

Boursin cheese and lettuce

Cream cheese, cucumber and marmite


Blue cheese lettuce and mayo

There is always a full tin of biscuits every day and a variety of Herbal Tea, Fruit Teas, Green Teas, Tea, Coffee and Hot chocolate.

There is also a selection of fruit squash and our own spring water.

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Field School

Contact: jacqui@archaeologyonline.org for more information


The earliest occupied period of the site is the Mesolithic right up to 17th century pagan deposits. Students are not required to have any experience in archaeology. 

This site is quite unique in many ways and has featured on Discovery Channel News website for the pagan swan feather pits two seasons ago. Parents can excavate with their children providing they are over 14 years old. The site is situated in a delightful south facing valley bordered by a stream and ideally situated to visit the many ancient monuments in the county.


If you still have the energy after a day's digging, Cornwall offers the best surfing beaches in the UK, the nearest beach to the site is within four miles, TRURO is only three miles away offering shops, pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.  Even closer is the village of Chacewater, which also has various amenities. Also it is important for students to keep in touch with their family while digging so there is free internet access during break times and phone charging facilities.


The Day starts at 10:00 and usually finishes around 4.00.


Payment options


Cheque, Paypal or BACS